We pride ourselves offer our customers high value solutions that focus on reducing capital and operating costs.

Our Services

Aqualyng ICES provides quality, performance optimisation and scheduled maintenance programs for its clients Water Treatment and Boiler Chemistry plants

Technical consulting service for Water treatment Plant, cooling water and cooling tower managements, Boiler water chemistry, Condensate water chemistry including polisher and resins performance and plant maintenance services.

Water Treatment Plant Rental for both long and short term periods including Ultra-filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Potable Water and Demineralised Water Treatment Plants.

Technical Support including on/off site support (Inc. emergency assistance), Staff Training and Technical Service Agreements,

Capital investment projects including Build Own Operate / Transfer.

Operation and Maintenance including full time O & M staff both onsite and/or conducting regular service visits, production of O & M Manuals including Operating Instructions and the development of Maintenance Programs,

Turn key capital projects including design & construction of Ultra-filtration, Reverse Osmosis and Potable Water Plants, Dosing Skids and RO/EDI Demineralised Water Treatment Plants,

Supply and manufacturer of Water Treatment Plant chemicals, filters, membranes and ultra filtration,

Environmental Support including sample collections, analysis and reporting services.