NEXTEP Central Sterilisation System Department RO plant

AQUALYNG ICES offers Australian made water treatment plant CSSD solutions that are specifically designed around the actual feed water quality, with the aim of ensuring current and future compliance to the AS4187 suite.

System Specifications Include

  • Ultraviolet post RO
  • Filtration for ring main
  • Flow monitoring for ring main
  • Sterilisation for ring main and tank
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Web ACCESS for data
Model Code Capacity (litres per hour to CSSD) Holding tank capacity (typical) litres Pretreatment (before the RO) Sterilisation method (tank/ring)
NEXTEP-STW-050 50 100 Cartridge/carbon/softening Chemical/thermal
NEXTEP-STW-100 100 200 Cartridge/carbon/softening Chemical/thermal
NEXTEP-STW-200 200 300 Cartridge/carbon/softening thermal
NEXTEP-STW-500 500 1000 MMF/carbon/softening thermal
NEXTEP-STW-1000 1000 2500 MMF/carbon/softening thermal
NEXTEP-STW-2000 2000 3000 MMF/carbon/softening thermal
NEXTEP-STW-3000 3000 5000 MMF/carbon/softening thermal
Our intelligent systems provide automatic conductivity, pH and temperature monitoring saving on personnel time, and makes collection of DATA easier to report.

Our full service includes

  • Australian made and supported plants
  • Remotely monitoring to reduce CSSD time for testing
  • locally maintained by experienced service team
  • Excellent understanding of the CSSD requirements and standards
  • Ongoing support, training, maintenance and spares.
    Custom designs